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JDog the singing bowl guy
11 April 2011 @ 10:05 am
I had a wonderful dream last night.

It was before you were born. before the war, but war was on the horizon. John Lithgow played a prominent member of the government of a small peaceful country. He was at a conference with governmental figures from throughout the continent, in a beautiful, luxurious hotel, where everything was gilded and flowing. Everyone was wonderful, happy, and social, but beneath it, John Lithgow saw evidence of betrayal everywhere. His wife, played by Salma Hayek, kept expressing concern that he was becoming increasingly paranoid, and should enjoy himself and enjoy her. But John Lithgow suspected her too.

Christopher Lloyd played a leader of a competing party in the small peaceful nation. John Lithgow had had the national treasures removed from museums, and put somewhere safe. Christopher Lloyd heard a rumor that they had been placed on a truck and were constantly on the move so that no one could find them. "Madness." he said, knowing of the paranoia of John Lithgow.

That night Christopher Lloyd dreamed of the truck. It was a flat bed truck, and the cab of the truck had no roof, so everything was open to the elements, with all the treasures piled up on the truck inside of beautiful furniture and driving through beautiful rolling countryside. All the furniture had leg skirts which blew in the wind. The truck was driven by an old pudgy peasant man who seemed to have been born smiling and never stopped. The treasurers were tended by his daughter, a beautiful happy woman in her late twenties. Christopher Lloyd was very concerned for the safety of it all, but the father and daughter laughed gleefully. The beautiful daughter said, "Can't you hear the music?" and then Christopher Lloyd woke up, back at the hotel, and continuing with the conference.

That night Christopher Lloyd dreamed again, and the truck was piled even hire, and the leg skirts on the furniture were longer and blowing more wildly. The old man said, shouting over the ever-present wind from the road, "Wherever we go, people bring us their treasure to keep it safe." The beautiful daughter had taken the treasure and was playing it to make music. Christopher Lloyd asked, shouting, how she was doing that. and she asked him, "Can't you make music? You must learn to make music."

The next night he dreamed again, the truck was piled even higher, and was determined to make music. He lifted a piece of furniture, and removed a cylindrical piece which he then fastened loosely to a crown which vibrated, creating an amplified hum from the wind ripping through it, which became part of the symphony of the treasure, and he smiled, like the other two were smiling in his dream.

The next night, the truck was piled incredibly high, and the leg skirts were flowing impossibly long. They swung across the leg skirts from one part of the treasure to another, and adjusted the treasure to play the most glorious music.

Christopher Lloyd awoke determined to do whatever he could to protect the treasure, and he went to John Lithgow who by now was completely lost in his own paranoia, and killed Christopher Lloyd believing him a spy. His dying words were, "This is good. I knew too much." Salma Hayek sees this, and has her husband taken away for murder. We then see her with a representative of the enemy, and a glimpse of a possibility that she could have actually been in on this .

The dream ended in a small village, in an unassuming house, where there lived a pudgy peasant and his beautiful daughter, and under their house was a bunker filled with treasure.

The whole thing was so beautiful. The countryside, all the treasures inside all the beautiful furniture, the joy of the father and daughter who took it on the road to preserve it, the hotel. Everything was so lavish and all the colors were so vivid. And the energy and exhilaration of the driving scenes, with the rush of the wind creating such amazing sounds as it rushed over the textures of the treasures, which swayed as the truck rushed around the ever-curving road, and they squealed with glee, and she ran around on the load of treasure like her own personal playground. And the intrigue as John Lithgow declined into paranoia. Were people really plotting, or was it just a delusion. Was someone drugging him to distort his ability to be rational. Was he suffering from a neurological disorder.
JDog the singing bowl guy
10 April 2011 @ 07:55 am
JDog the singing bowl guy
02 March 2011 @ 02:04 pm
I want to keep a record of the promotions sent out so far for Paganicon, so here they are:

(sent January 11, 2011)

Greetings beautiful you,

Paganicon is coming, March 25th through the 27th. Come celebrate Spring with us!

John Michael Greer will be the guest of honor! How cool is that! We got John Michael Greer our first year!

In preparation for Paganicon (March 25 - 27) there will be a Programming & Volunteer Meeting at the Sacred Paths Center this Saturday, January 16, from 1-3pm. Please stop by and find out how you can help. We'll be answering questions, assigning roles, collecting programming submissions and having fun. Come on by!

We need volunteers to help prepare, before and at Paganicon.

It's not too late to contribute to the programming at Paganicon. We are looking for people to host workshops, panels, presentations or entertainment. We have a revised deadline of February 12 for programming this year, so there's still time!

If you can't make it, you can email info@tcpaganpride.org with questions, offers of help, or anything else.

And don't forget to register for the event! http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/registration

Let's face it, at some point we've all thought about how great it would be to have an event like this in the Twin Cities, and now there is one. This really is like a dream come true.


(sent February 8, 2011)

Greetings beautiful you,

Paganicon is getting closer and bigger!

A lot of people have already registered, but there's still plenty of room before we reach the 250 venue cap. So please register. It's only $60 before March 4, which is an excellent deal for all we're offering. You can register by clicking here

Our Guest of honor, John Michael Greer, will be offering three programming items during the event, and doing a book signing. Read more about him by clicking here

There are so many programing options that we'll easily fill three tracks of programing, and we might have to actually turn away some proposals. Thank you to everyone who has submitted such wonderful programing that we are having the choice of too much wonderfulness. Please check out the programing page by clicking here

Unfortunately, a lack of Heathen programing has been submitted. Given the enormity of the local Heathen community, that absence is quite noticeable, and we would love to see it rectified. We are still willing to make room for excellent programing options, but the deadline is quickly approaching and difficult decisions are being made.

Please note that people submitting programing must also register for the Con. Even the organizers are paying to get in (which is pretty standard for Cons).

The food at the hotel is very nice (we ate there last weekend) and there are lots of great food options within easy walking distance. Paganicon is also hosting two food events, a tea (which will be accompanied by live acoustic music) and a dessert.

There will also be musical entertainment, featuring Kari Tauring, Drew Miller (from Boiled in Lead), Bedlam, and Murphy's Midnight Rounders. Read more about the
music by clicking here

We're extremely honored to have Llewellyn as one of our sponsors. You can read about Paganicon on the Llewellyn blog by clicking here

We want to hear from you about a variety of things.

We had one person contact us about setting up a healing room. If you are interested in hosting a party room (a generic term for a room associated with the Con, but not officially sponsored by the Con) please let us know soon so that we can include it in the program.

There are still vending opportunities available. Paganicon will be the size of a nice Pagan festival, so it should be a good venue for vendors.

Sponsorships are available which offer a variety of benefits. There is also advertising space available in the program.

As with any event of this type, it is run by volunteers. If you're interested in volunteering, please let us know, and what sort of volunteering you'd like to do.

Help spread the word. Here are links to official Paganicon posters which you can print and post: Poster & Poster with Tear Tabs

check out the Facebook event and the Facebook group.

Most importantly, don’t forget to register for Paganicon

We look forward to seeing you there.


(sent February 15, 2011)

What: Paganicon
Where: Doubletree Park Place in St. Louis Park, MN
When: March 25-27
Web: http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/

We often talk about how Paganicon will be great with it's great programing (four programing tracks), great guest of honor (John Michael Greer), and great entertainment (local reality TV star Kari Tauring, Drew Miller from Boiled in Lead, Renn fest favorites Bedlam, and Murphey's Midnight Rounders). Besides being great, Paganicon is also important.

The Minnesota Twin Cities area has a wonderful Pagan community. Anyone who has ever read Paganistan Weekly knows that this is an astoundingly active Pagan community. Despite that, we didn't have our own Con. We have nearby camping festivals, which are great for people who are willing or able to camp, but that leaves out a huge chunk of the local community. Also, Cons bring in people from outside the community, which allows us the opportunity to showcase how wonderful we are. You also know that every week there are many gatherings for Pagans which last a few hours, but it's rare that there's a gathering designed for the general Pagan community that lasts days. Paganicon lasts long enough to really allow people the time to get to know each other and create lasting friendships, which again makes our community stronger. With all the programing that's lined up, and all the people who have already preregistered, Paganicon is poised to be a significant community gathering.

Paganicon isn't just significant for what it is, but for what it is likely to become. Cons allow local people to easily commute, and out of town people an easy access to a place to spend the night, which makes them far more accessible than camping festivals, and much more likely to grow quickly. Paganicon is likely to grow larger than any nearby camping festival within a few years. Beyond that, we'll just keep getting bigger, better, and more national attention. It all begins this year.

Why does Paganicon exist? The Twin Cities Pagan Pride celebration was becoming more like a con, and less like Pagan Pride. Pagan Pride celebrations are generally one day events out in a place with plentiful walking traffic, allowing them to serve as outreach to the rest of the community, as well as a place where Pagans can openly celebrate. By contrast, our celebration was a two day event in a reserved building with multiple programing tracks. The most reasonable solution was to split the two and create the programing intensive Paganicon, and then have a separate Pagan Pride celebration. Also, a successful Con could help fund the Pagan Pride celebration which will be in the fall in a park.

Creating a new event of this magnitude is a monumental undertaking, which makes it all the more impressive how well this Con is really coming together.

Your registration includes:
All programming and workshops
All musical events, including the Saturday night big music event
Saturday’s dessert buffet
Sunday afternoon tea
Any other convention event we come up with.
Our hospitality suite (with light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks)

So be sure to register. If you've already registered, don't worry, this is a mass mailing, so we're not implying anything. However, if you haven't registered, please do so soon. The registration deadline is March 4. We're having several food events and we need to have accurate numbers for ordering food, so we need people to pre-register. Registration is $60 by March 4. http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/registration

Paganicon really looks like it is going to grow into one of the most important events in the region, and it all begins this year.


(sent February 22, 2011)

What: Paganicon
Where: Doubletree Park Place in St. Louis Park, MN
When: March 25-27
Web: http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/

You only have 10 more days to register for Paganicon: http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/registration

If you have not yet registered, now's the time. We're having food events so we need to know how many people are going to be there so we can order food. Please pre-register.

Until March 4, you can register for $60. That gets you:

All programming and workshops
All musical events, including the Saturday night big music event
Saturday’s dessert buffet
Sunday afternoon tea
Any other convention event we come up with.
Our hospitality suite (with light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks)

It is going to be a wonderful gathering. Let's explore what the weekend will be like in more detail.

After you stop at the welcome table and get your badge, you'll pass by the vendors suits on your left, and an info table on the right. The vendors will be there from 9am to 5:30pm on Saturday and 9am to 4pm on Sunday. If you have a group or event you'd like to promote, please leave the information on the info table.

This will be a programing intensive Con, and the programing really gets going at 7pm Friday night, and doesn't end until Sunday at 4:30 pm. Check it out at http://paganicon2011.sched.org/ and you'll see all the great programing we have in store for you.

Friday we'll have our opening welcome, followed by a keynote address from our Guest of Honor, John Michael Greer. Then Murphey's Midnight Rounders will perform for us.

Saturday, we'll have four tracks of programing going from 10 am to 8pm. That's a lot of programing. Then we'll have a dessert buffet followed by Saturday night's main event concert. Kari Tauring & Drew Miller will open for Bedlam

Sunday we'll have four tracks of programing from 10am to 3pm, followed by afternoon tea featuring an acoustic music set.

In between all that, you'll run into old friends, hopefully meet some new friends, get to know people better, and establish bonds which will last for years.

What you do after each day's programing is done will hopefully continue to enhance your Paganicon experience. Please obey all relevant laws and hotel rules.

It all starts by getting registered. http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/registration

If you're already registered, then we hope you enjoyed this email. If you're not registered, hurry up because you wont want to miss this.

We look forward to seeing you there.


(sent March 2, 2011)

What: Paganicon
Where: Doubletree Park Place in St. Louis Park, MN
When: March 25-27
Web: http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/

Pre-registration for Paganicon ends March 4th, so be sure to sign up right away: http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/registration. Once this date passes, you will not be able to register to attend Paganicon until it begins on March 25th. Onsite registration is not only more expensive ($75), but you run the risk of being turned away if we reach our attendance cap of 250. Also, food will be ordered according to the pre-registration numbers, so you might not be able to participate in the food events. Be sure to indicate on your pre-registration form if you have dietary restrictions or any food allergies, so we can take those into account.

The special Paganicon hotel room rate of $87 is only available through the end of pre-registration as well, so if you are interested in staying in the hotel, please make your hotel reservations this week: http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/hotel

Also, March 4th is the deadline to request advertising in our program book, or to sponsor Paganicon and obtain other benefits. All donations to Twin Cities Pagan Pride are tax deductible. Details are available at: http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/sponsorship

Paganicon is really filling out. We've received more programming submissions then we could find slots for, the vendor area is completely reserved, several great entertainment acts are scheduled and a whole lot of people are signing up as attendees. This is going to be a major event.

You can check it all out at our interactive schedule. You can sign in and actually set up your own schedule which you can then access from your smart phone. Also, this lets us know which events are the most popular so that we can make sure to put those in the larger rooms. http://paganicon2011.sched.org/

Local Pagans have waited a long time to have our own Con, and it's almost here. This is amazing and exciting. This is history in the making. Years from now, we'll be saying that we were there when it all began at the first Paganicon.

Pre-registration ends March 4. Please sign up this week. http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/registration


(sent March 26, 2011)

Blessings Beautiful You.

We are at Paganicon right now, and it is wonderful. There are so many hugs. It's like coming home. Our special guest, John Michael Greer, is a really good sport, and seems to be getting into the con. Tonight's ritual brought together a wonderful sense of connection. Murphey's Midnight Rounders sounded great. The hospitality suite was always filled with socilization. Everyone seems to be looking forward to the workshops. There seems to be Pagans everywhere. It is great to be here.

The really great news, now that we are at the hotel and talking and figuring things out here, we worked it out that we can bring in another 40 people! So if you still want to attend, there are now spots available. We are happily surprised to be able to offer this opportunity.

We're at the Double Tree Park Place in St. Loius Park. The programing starts at 9am, and the activities seem to just keep going. It would be great if you decide to join us, because now you can.

We look forward to seeing you today at Paganicon.


(sent April 1, 2011)

Blessings Beautiful You,

Thank you to all who attended our first Paganicon, although everyone seemed to agree that it did not feel like a first year event. Everything ran so smoothly, the guest of honor was delightful, the programing was top-notch, even the desserts were delightfully delicious.

If you would like to make sure you get notified about next year's Paganicon, including our early registration rates, please subscribe to the info list on our website: http://tcpaganpride.org/

Many thank-yous to everyone who helped to make this event happen; the sponsors, the volunteers, the vendors, the presenters, and every last attendee. Because of everyone, this was a far more successful event then any of us could have hoped.

Less than a week out from the event, and we already have a web-page dedicated to it. You can check it here: http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/paganicon-2011

Many people asked for copies of John Michael Greer's keynote address so we have that posted on-line: http://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon/paganiconkeynote2011.pdf

We are collecting links to posts about the event which you can review by clicking here. If you have a link to add, or would like to give your own testimonial about the event, please contact us at info@tcpaganpride.org. We are deeply honored by those who wish to publicly praise Paganicon.

We are very interested in the opinion of everyone who attended, and we're carefully looking at the feedback forms. If you didn't have a chance to fill out the feedback form, or if you thought of something else that you would like to add, you can do so on-line here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B93BGVP We love to hear about how great the event was, but we are especially interested in opportunities for improvement. This is our first year, and as great as it was, we are dedicated to improving this event.

We should have details about the 2012 Paganicon up and ready within the next two months. We'll try to keep you in the loop, but you can ensure it by subscribing to the info list on our website at: http://tcpaganpride.org/

Thank you for helping to make this first Paganicon such a wonderfully successful event. We look forward to seeing you at next year's Paganicon, and at this fall's Pagan Pride Day celebration
JDog the singing bowl guy
31 January 2011 @ 06:55 pm
Here are 2010 records, but it's time to start records for a new year.

EarthHouse MidsummerGather created an account January 28. It took me until about 6pm January 31 to suggest that the entire TwinCities Pagans friends' list friend them. Lou created the account after finally creating her own account January 12.

Here's an overview of numbers as of 7pm, January 31. It's a Monday, and it's snowing:

TwinCities Pagans Yahoo group: 545 members
TwinCities Pagans: 3,364 friends
TwinCities Pagans group: 2,573 members
TwinCitiesPagans page: 518 fans
EarthHouse MidsummerGather: 829 friends
Earth House Project of Minnesota: 634 members
TC Pagan Pride: 1,880 members
SacredPaths Center: 3,937 friends
Sacred Paths Center group: 2,097 members
Sacred Paths Center page: 1,106 fans
Magus Books & Herbs LTD: 3,557 fans
Eye of Horus Metaphysical: 3,938 fans
UMPA - Upper Midwest Pagan Alliance: 1,009 fans
PNC-Minnesota Bureau group: 644 members
NorDCOG: 878 members
Twin Cities Witch Sisters' Night Out: 616 members
The Tree and the Well Institute for Deep Cultural Studies: 653 fans
Temple of the River: 564 fans
Pagan Kids N Kin group: 360 members
Harmony Tribe: 2,585 friends
Harmony Tribe group: 617 members
Sacred Harvest Festival: 1,686 fans
Magical Gardens of Twin Cities: 788 fans
Western Wisconsin Fire Circle: 796 members

10pm; I just invited 1,971 friends to join the Earth House Project of Minnesota group. EarthHouse MidsummerGather now has 966 friends.

Feb 1, 1pm; EarthHouse MidsummerGather now has 1,117 friends. Last night I tried to invite the TCP friends' list to the midsummer gather, but it doesn't appear to have worked. I'll try again and see what happens.

2pm and the event invitations still aren't registering. Bummer. Earth House Project of Minnesota now has 747 members. EarthHouse MidsummerGather now has 1130 friends.

Feb 2, 7:30am; Beth pointed out last night that I missed a couple:
Twin Cities Pagan Healers: 65 Fans
Twin Cities Pagan Healers Meet-up Group: 36 members
So I posted a link to the facebook page in the facebook profile. It's now up to 88 fans. I'll also mention them in the next Paganistan Weekly. I hadn't promoted it because it seemed too specific a draw, but realistically, most Pagans engage in some sort of healing work.

Feb 3, 4:30 pm; Lou pointed out that Keith created the EarthHouse MidsummerGather account and then gave it to Lou. Got to keep the facts straight.

EarthHouse MidsummerGather: 1,326 friends
Earth House Project of Minnesota: 831 members
Twin Cities Pagan Healers: 94 Fans
Twin Cities Pagan Healers Meet-up Group: 36 members

Saturday, February 5, 7am; EarthHouse MidsummerGather now has 1420 friends. There's also now a page: Earth House Midsummer Gather: 23 Fans.

Monday, February 7, 10am; I mentioned the Twin Cities Pagan Healers in yeterday's Paganistan Weekly. Not much of an impact

EarthHouse MidsummerGather: 1,506 friends
Earth House Project of Minnesota: 870 members
Earth House Midsummer Gather: 24 Fans
Twin Cities Pagan Healers: 99 Fans
Twin Cities Pagan Healers Meet-up Group: 36 members

Tuesday, February 8, 10am; EarthHouse MidsummerGather now has 1558 friends.

Friday, February 11, 11pm; EarthHouse MidsummerGather now has 1614 friends (1,505 Mutual Friends with TwinCities Pagans). Things slowed down the last few days. I suspect it's because Lou was involved with some drama with Paganicon. There was a mistake and they wanted her to pay to perform her puppet show. They apologized, but it's all a bunch of drama. I suspect that Lou will get back to growing the account soon.

Friday, February 18, 9pm; EarthHouse MidsummerGather now has 1678 friends (1,543 Mutual Friends with TwinCities Pagans).
Earth House Project of Minnesota: 928 members
Earth House Midsummer Gather: 24 Fans
Twin Cities Pagan Healers: 106 Fans
Twin Cities Pagan Healers Meet-up Group: 39 members

Sunday, February 27, 4pm; EarthHouse MidsummerGather now has 1678 friends (1,578 Mutual Friends with TwinCities Pagans).

Later: 110 people RSVP'd on Facebook that they would be attending Paganicon. Of them, I didn't see 70 of them on the registration list. That's about 64%. Granted, some of them I know are planning to attend and just haven't signed up yet, and some of the names are different between what they use on Facebook and what they probably signed up for, but that doesn't account for many. What about all the rest? Are they discordians who just RSVP yes when they have no intention of attending? I'm hopeful that they were just confused and didn't realize that they had to do anything aside from RSVP on Facebook, and now many of them will realize their mistake and register, but that is overly optimistic. Rather, this tendency of people to RSVP for events they wont be attending is a tendency I've noticed a lot on Facebook. Since I started writing this, one replied back that she had financial changes since she RSVP'd.

Saturday, March 5, 10am: EarthHouse MidsummerGather now has 1797 friends (1,616 Mutual Friends with TwinCities Pagans).

Friday, April 1, 8am; Yesterday, Harmony Tribe had 2552 friends, with 1918 of them being mutual friends with TwinCities Pagans. Then Tasha went through and processed about 400 friend requests on the long neglected account, and now Harmony Tribe has 2957 friends, with 1991 of them being mutual friends with TwinCities Pagans.

Meanwhile, SacredPaths Center has 4001 friends, with 2583 mutual friends. The 4000th friend (Andree Moser From Van Nuys, California) was achieved Tuesday morning, March 29.

EarthHouse MidsummerGather has 1974 friends with 1742 mutual friends.

Here's an overview of numbers, since I haven't done this for three months:

TwinCities Pagans Yahoo group: 552 members
TwinCities Pagans: 3,459 friends
TwinCities Pagans group: 2,606 members
TwinCitiesPagans page: 522 fans
EarthHouse MidsummerGather: 1974 friends
Earth House Project of Minnesota: 971 members
TC Pagan Pride: 1,888 members
SacredPaths Center: 4,001 friends
Sacred Paths Center group: 2,078 members
Sacred Paths Center page: 1,113 fans
Magus Books & Herbs LTD: 3,702 fans
Eye of Horus Metaphysical: 4,143 fans
UMPA - Upper Midwest Pagan Alliance: 1,017 fans
PNC-Minnesota Bureau group: 667 members
NorDCOG: 874 members
Twin Cities Witch Sisters' Night Out: 613 members
The Tree and the Well Institute for Deep Cultural Studies: 656 fans
Temple of the River: 596 fans
Pagan Kids N Kin group: 357 members
Harmony Tribe: 2,957 friends
Harmony Tribe group: 614 members
Sacred Harvest Festival: 1,712 fans
Magical Gardens of Twin Cities: 791 fans
Western Wisconsin Fire Circle: 790 members

April 12; I ordered the first Paganistan Merchandise. Postcards and refrigerator magnets with a photo of Witch's Hat Tower by Rev. Jack Green, and the caption "Paganistan: We Like Pointy Hats". All proceeds from the sales will go to support further promotions. The goal is to increase the sense of community by encouraging people to identify as being part of Paganistan, and to encourage people in other communities to pay attention to the fact that there is something pretty special going on here.
Postcards: Overnight Prints; 1000 for $87.08 = 9¢ each
Magnets: Vistaprint; 500 for $65.15 = 13¢ each
Total investment so far: $152.13
I intend to try to get the local metaphysical shops to sell them on consignment.

April 20;Wikipedia now has an article about Paganistan.

April 28; I've received the postcards and magnets. The lettering on the magnets isn't perfect. I'll have to be more careful the next time I shrink down the design. I ordered 1000 postcards. I just counted them and there were only 947. I paid $87.08 which means I overpaid $4.62, but the per card price is still about 9¢ each

May 1; Overnight Prints decided to send me 75 more for free. Yay.

Tonight I met with Cameron and Keys of Paradise will be carrying the merchandise on consignment. They'll sell for 99¢ each. 70% for me. 30% for them. I left him 100 postcards, and 50 magnets. Contact info: 612-293-5397, 713 Minnehaha Ave E, Ste 109 & 111, Saint Paul, MN 55106

May 2; Stopped by the Sacred Paths Center and dropped off 75 magnets and 150 postcards. I get 60% and they get 40%

May 5; Dropped off 75 magnets and 150 postcards at the Eye of Horus. I get 60% and they get 40%

May 8; I've been floating the idea of creating a Paganistan logo. It would seem that the only symbol with fairly universal appeal is the crossed circle, although it seems to mean something different to every group. I'm working to combine this with a map of Paganistan lakes and rivers. There's also been mention of a flag and a shield. If I design the logo well, its elements should transfer over for multiple purposes.

May 10; Dropped off 25 magnets and 50 postcards at Shadow Lights Minnesota. Contact information: Kim & John Hinnenkamp, 952-261-8784, 4775 Dakota St SE , Prior Lake , MN , 55372 around the corner from CarQuest off of HWY 13. I get 70% and they get 30%

May 12; Magus Books & Herbs took 20 refrigerator magnets. Mela is the buyer. I get 60% and they get 40%. They carry things for three months, then I need to check back in.

May 20; the Wikipedia article for Sacred Paths Center was deleted, and the Paganistan article was nominated for deletion.

May 27; They decided not to delete the Paganistan article, but they'll probably rename it as Paganism in Minnesota, with a redirect for Paganistan, which actually works out better for us, since it opens up what the article can be about. So, yay, sort of a victory, or whatever.

May 30; paganistan.com is active. Now to start building the site.

June 4; for over a year now I've been wishing the friends of Sacred Paths Center Happy Birthday every day. That's how I would start my day. I would log in to their account, find their friends having birthdays, and post this message on their wall, "Many birthday blessings to you! As a little present, stop by the SPC, mention your birthday, flash your id and you will get $5 off your purchase within a month of your birthday!" Today when I logged in, it showed the Sacred Paths Center as a page, and not an account, and wouldn't let me access the home page, or birthdays, or even a wall. I liked starting my day by wishing people happy birthday. I'm going to miss that.

June 8; I changed the icon today. No more tree puppet. It's now the first draft of the Paganistan flag.

July 31: Created a Google+ account for TwinCities Pagans. In the normal cycle of the rise and fall of social networking sites, it seems reasonable that the next one would be emerging, and it really could be Google+, so I wanted to get in early. Hopefully this will get the account grandfathered in after they start enforcing rules. It seems to have worked with Facebook.

Facebook has done a lot of changes lately. A lot of the previous numbers are no longer relevant with all the format changes. The way the groups have changed has made them pretty much useless. The way the Pages have changed makes them seem more powerful, whilst still being useless. The Facebook default settings just piss people off and it's easier to leave the group then it is to change the default setting.

August 1,

TwinCities Pagans Yahoo group: 580 members
TwinCities Pagans: 3,586 friends
TwinCities Pagans group: 2,541 members
TwinCitiesPagans page: 532 fans
EarthHouse MidsummerGather: 2263 friends
SacredPaths Center: 4,258 people like it
Sacred Paths Center group: 2,001 members
Sacred Paths Center page: 1,206 fans
Magus Books & Herbs LTD: 3,887 fans
Eye of Horus Metaphysical: 4,463 fans
UMPA - Upper Midwest Pagan Alliance: 1,056 fans
PNC-Minnesota Bureau group: 661 members
Twin Cities Witch Sisters' Night Out: 575 members
The Tree and the Well Institute for Deep Cultural Studies: 669 fans
Harmony Tribe: 3,315 friends
Harmony Tribe group: 617 members
Sacred Harvest Festival: 1,822 fans
Magical Gardens of Twin Cities: 815 fans

Growth has slowed down. Several groups are already gone, others are scheduled for archival. Most groups have lost members. Facebook is not what it used to be.

It's been suggested that there's a law of diminishing returns. However, that doesn't account for the new system resulting in the loss of established groups. Also, even the groups which should not yet be affected by the law of diminishing returns are not showing the same growth that groups had a year ago. Lately the Yahoo group has been growing more than the Facebook group, and Yahoo is like so three years ago.

August 19: I just invited 4053 people to attend TC Pagan pride on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=144310465657168

November 14: The Twin Cities Pagans yahoo group is currently the 119th largest Pagan Yahoo group with 609 members. It's the 8th largest Pagan group linked with a specific place. I did a Yahoo group search for Pagan.

December 31, 2011: Here's the message history graph from the Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo group. It tells a story.

TwinCities Pagans Yahoo group: 614 members
TwinCities Pagans: 3,864 friends
TwinCities Pagans group: 2,463 members
TwinCitiesPagans page: 544 fans
EarthHouse MidsummerGather: 2473 friends
SacredPaths Center: 4,628 people like it
Sacred Paths Center group: 1,907 members
Magus Books & Herbs LTD: 4,329 fans
Eye of Horus Metaphysical: 5,179 fans
UMPA - Upper Midwest Pagan Alliance: 1,080 fans
PNC-Minnesota Bureau group: 675 members
Twin Cities Witch Sisters' Night Out: 545 members
The Tree and the Well Institute for Deep Cultural Studies: 686 fans
Harmony Tribe: 3,759 friends
Harmony Tribe group: 621 members
Sacred Harvest Festival: 1,874 fans
Magical Gardens of Twin Cities: 823 fans
Twin Cities Pagan Healers: 143 Fans

That's it for 2011. Click here for 2012.
JDog the singing bowl guy
08 September 2010 @ 11:57 am
Paganistan Weekly is now available on LiveJournal! Just friend paganistan
JDog the singing bowl guy
21 July 2010 @ 09:54 am
New York had flooded. I was nearby and went to see if I could help. Along the way I picked up a little boat. It was shaped like the bucket part of a wheel barrow only smaller, so it was only possible for one person to use it. The motor was small, and situated so that it could glide over debris in the water without getting damaged.

There was a place near the water where family and friends were. A sort of home base for my excursions out. The boat was too small to rescue people directly, but I could find people, and report back to people with larger boats. I could also relay messages, and shoot video of the devastation.

Every part I saw was at least 30 feet under water. The tops of art were poking out. There was a replica of the Statue of Liberty up to her neck in water.

At one point I went back for supplies (food and gas). My boat was so small that I carried it around with me when I was out of the water. I heard someone mention that sharks were starting to find their way into the city and were picking off people trying to swim. Easy feeding. I immediately ran back to the water with my boat and took off before any of my family and friends heard about this and could try to stop me.

I continued finding people, and warning them not to swim, and finding boats to help them, and shooting video. Eventually I woke up.
JDog the singing bowl guy
06 July 2010 @ 02:20 pm
JDog the singing bowl guy
10 April 2010 @ 02:12 pm
I just got my first real grown-up drum! It's a 23 inch deer skin Native American hand drum. I got it at Northland Native American Products at Ancient Traders Market, 1113 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis. The skin was dried in place on the drum, so it wasn't dried and then stretched. One stretching, one drying. We went through every drum there and I sustained a head wound on a statue of an eagle (the very sharp beak drew blood).
JDog the singing bowl guy
07 April 2010 @ 08:44 am
Weird dreams last night.

There was an old iconic grandmother woman who was a vampire trying to kill us, but luckily my sister was a vampire slayer and showed up in time to save us. She stabbed the woman through the heart with a wooden stake, which is not as easy as you see in the movies. There's flesh, bone and muscle in the way, and vampires are especially tough, and afterward the old lady didn't vanish into dust. My sister had to haul away the body. Once my sister left, the old lady's cat got out, and the cat revealed that it was also a vampire. I had my thick leather fire-tending gloves and an aluminum baseball bat which were allowing me to defend myself, but not doing anything to defeat the vampire cat who was intent on getting me.

That's when I woke up. It was the middle of the night, so I shook it off and went back to sleep.

I was in the town of Teletiateth, it was an old west town the way the old west really was, not the way it's portrayed in fiction. It was the future and it was on another planet. The town was about 8 years old, a relatively new settlement in the greater scheme of things. The children who were born there were all sickly and it was not uncommon for a child to spontaneously die with no warning. No one knew why. People moved there because the planet healed all sickness. No one knew why. My parents were there, running around and feeling great.

Then I woke up. It didn't directly come up in the dream, but I had the sense that people were realizing that it wasn't worth it to settle Teletiateth and instead make it a retirement community.

They were both intensely vivid dreams which stuck with me after I woke up.
JDog the singing bowl guy


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