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I love seeing Pagans coming together at festivals. I'm here to meet and network with Pagans in the hope that they will come to Pagan gatherings.

Personally, I'm a dog. I like Dogs. I'm a Dog person. I was born in the year of the Dog. My spirit animal is a Dog. My favorite philosopher is Diogenes the Dog. I like that George Clinton song Atomic-Dog. Snoop Dogg is the shiznit. I created a dog cult on Yahoo filled with dogites. Ever since I merged with my spirit animal, I have smelled thing more profoundly. I have never felt guilty about eating meat. I learned Dog Yoga from my parents Border Collie. I am happy to see my people. I protect my people. I like laying in that spot where the sun comes through the front window. I think I was a dog in a past life. I have to remember that although rabbits are food, bunnies are pets. I tend to like dogs more than people or other animals. As a child I used to hang socks on my ears and pretend I was UnderDog. I think A Boy and His Dog was Don Johnson's best film. I'm a Dog person.

Dog is good. Dog is wise. Dog works in mysterious ways. Who are we to question the ways of Dog. Feel the love of Dog within you, and know that it is good.

Other things I love; Culver's peanut butter malts, my nieces and nephew laughing, festivals, punk rock, dogs, peace, happiness, creating art, creating magickal places, playing with fire, the theme song to Teen Titans (not the show, just the theme song) , big list of movies, ... I like a whole lot of stuff. When I die and cross over, I fully expect to cosmically yell, "Woo hoo, let's do it again!"

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